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“After the first 24 hours, the ability to store and/or haul

To prevent sewage backups athomes and businesses, the county diverted 688,000 gallons of raw sewage into a pond near Sea Park Elementary School and 1.05 milliongallons of raw sewageinto Anchor Drive Canal, which connects with the Banana River.Utility staff and two contractors worked around the clock for 38 hours, county officials said.”After the first 24 hours, the ability to store and/or haul sewage was exhausted wholesale nfl jerseys from china, so thedecision was made to divert sewage to a nearby canal to prevent backups into streets, home orbusinesses,” County Manager Stockton Whitten said via email. “Additional staff and equipment wasbrought in to complete the repair as quickly as possible.”RELATED: Is the Indian River DOA?Signs warning of contaminated waterremained up this week at the Sea Park pond and at the Anchor Drive canal.”Signs are up until water quality samples return to normal levels,” Walker said.A similar spill happened in the same area of South Patrick Drive in November 2012. The countyleaked sewage into the same canal when a pipe failed.

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