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But I have to question the whole of the banner ad thing

12. The collection is spring/summer ’08 (the clip above is fall/winter ’07, but you get the idea). Matsu is at 259 Newbury Street. Last week in this space I surveyed you all about which team is the Canucks current biggest rival. A large majority said the Flames, but I had a few write in votes for the Kings whom I stupidly left off the list. The Kings and Canucks have playoff history.

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wholesale jerseys from china I’m a member of an online forum of Chinese Saints fans (there are 1,932 of them at the time of writing) and the feelings about this among them are mixed. Some of them are concerned. Some don’t trust him, but plenty of others are quite excited by the prospect. Plus they think it will be a hell of a lot easier to buy the Southampton kit here. It’s impossible at the moment legit stores only stock the “big clubs” from the major European leagues. Saints are not yet famous enough to even have a fake shirt at the dodgy markets.[/p][/quote]That is good to hear! When I lived in Bejing and then Guangzhou in the late 90s there were none! (No mtter how hard I tried). wholesale jerseys from china

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