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“HokieBird background: How the word “Hokie” came to be is a

Trump was able to out Christie Chris Christie and really succeeded in capturing that very angry kind of telling it like it is voter, said Montclair State University political scientist Brigid Harrison. That, Trump clearly drew some of that angry voter support away from Christie. I think that voters who would admire that kind of bombastic style now had another alternative.

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wholesale nfl jerseys During this election the Scarlet Knight won out, beating out names like “Queensmen,” the “Red Lions,” and the “Flying Dutchmen.”HokieBird background: How the word “Hokie” came to be is a story in itself. After the Virginia General Assembly decided to change Virginia Tech’s name from ‘Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College’ to ‘Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute’ in 1896 (Really, Virginia, that is super confusing), the school decided it needed to change its cheer and school colors. Stull wrote a new spirit yell and won the $5 top prize (yes, only $5) for a cheer he named the Old Hokie. wholesale nfl jerseys

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