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Thirty (51%) patients assigned to initial rehabilitation with

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pandora earrings Consequently, we included 120/121 participants in this five year follow up report, 61 of whom were assigned to early anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and 59 to initial rehabilitation with the option of having a later reconstruction if needed (table 1).7 Two patients assigned to early reconstruction did not have reconstruction or had less than 10 rehabilitation visits; we excluded them from the as treated analysis but included them in the full analysis set.Thirty (51%) patients assigned to initial rehabilitation with the option of having a later reconstruction chose to have (and had) a delayed anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction over the five year period (seven in the period between two and five years; median 867 (range 743 1695) days after injury) (fig 1). Fifteen anterior cruciate ligaments were reconstructed using patella tendon procedures and 15 using hamstrings tendon procedures. Over the five year period, 61 patients had an early anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, 30 had a delayed reconstruction, and 29 were treated with rehabilitation alone pandora earrings.

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