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We’re hoping to get a four seed

Water level on Saturday was about as good as it could be, Sunday however, water levels dropped dramatically and fishing was extremely tough on the Tunkhannock Creek. Fish were active both days, but Sunday was a much harder day as an angler. Are in the works for the Second Annual Coaltown Throwdown but Gondella said, year we will be utilizing only the Lackawanna River.

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fake oakleys We feel that this is a big game, and we got to go down and play well so we could hopefully have a little bit of influence on the seeding committee. We’re hoping to get a four seed. We’ll see what happens. “I got a group that loves to play this game, I got a group that is excited about playing this game,” offensive line coach Mark Staten said Wednesday. “If you don’t love this game, if you don’t put forth that work ethic, it’s hard to play. I can’t make you love the game. fake oakleys

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