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Whalen said the defendants will argue that the project didn’t

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Canada Goose online Michael REILLY Aloysius J. REILLY Francis B. REILLY Hilary L. They got paid a lot of money and it’s unjust for a defendant to reap all the benefit of broken promises Cheap Canada Goose,” he said.Whalen said the defendants will argue that the project didn’t materialize because of the 2008 real estate market crash. But he said the units were marketed and sold to his clients mostly between 2004 and 2007, and his clients did not get to walk away from their mortgages.”You made the promises. Ninety five percent of the job is undone,” said Whalen, adding that’s unfair and unjust.Patrick Perrone, an attorney representing Kushner Companiies, asked jurors to decide if his client did anything to cause a monetary loss to the plaintiffs.He asked the jurors to consider if his client did anything to cause the repairs, or the value of the units to decrease.”We wanted this building to be built properly,” said Perrone, adding that two months ago, the plaintiffs settledwith the subcontractors and received money for the cost of repairs, some related to water getting into the units.He argued that there is no proof the units have decreaseda certain amount of value.Perrone said the real estate market slowed down in 2007 and collapsed in 2008 Canada Goose online.

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