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Consent – Version B – en


    In the terms of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016


    I hereby agree and consent that Gimnográvida - Preparação Para Parto e Maternidade Lda, NIPC 506599400, may collect, use, transfer and process my personal data, including sensitive (health) data and information about me for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

    1. i. To create my patient health record, including medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, anthropometric data, lifestyle data, symptoms, previous interventions and complementary diagnostic tests.
    2. ii. To provide an integrated and quality treatment, as requested by me to the above mentioned entity.
    3. iii. To create additional data such as annotations, analysis and reports needed for a better diagnosis and evaluation.
    4. iv. To process orders, sample requests and for general administrative purposes.

    Gimnográvida - Preparação Para Parto e Maternidade Lda, NIPC 506599400, respects and protects the private information of the individual. Any transfer of data will only occur to support the above mentioned Purposes. Data may be collected, shared and processed by any health professional that works directly with or provides services to this company.


    Gimnográvida has a newsletter that is used for marketing purposes to promote their services, events and workshops (some of them for free). The newsletter is carefully tailored to the profile of each client.

    As I select below, I may or may not authorize the use of my personal data for sending the above mentioned newsletter to the email address previously provided by me.

    I authorizeI do not authorize


    I may contact Gimnográvida through [email protected] at any time with a request for:

    1. - Any further clarifications on this matter;
    2. - Access to my data;
    3. - Rectification or deletion of my data;
    4. - Restrictions upon Gimnográvida in the processing of my data;
    5. - Receiving my data;
    6. - Withdrawal of my consent to the above.

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